Sessions with the Golf Yogi.

What to Expect from a Session with The Golf Yogi:

  • The Golf Yogi sessions are composed of stretching, own-body-weight exercises, simple yoga principles, balance work, core exercises and breathing exercises.
  • The Golf Yogi’s belief is that if the body is working bio mechanically correctly, many major flaws in the swing will start to fix themselves. This being said, working hand in hand with TGY and your golf professional will help make those transformations much easier.
  • Clients can expect to learn what proper balance feels like in the golf swing, and how to achieve proper balance effortlessly.
  • Breathing exercises will give clients the tools they need to be able to calm the mind, slow the heart rate, and increase concentration on the golf course.
  • Exercises and stretching are designed to work specifically on golfer’s bodies. Exercises will focus on a proper spine angle, rotation, building a strong core, and loosening tight or problematic areas. Specific swing restrictions will be focused on with each individual client.
  • Clients will also learn proper pre-round stretching to loosen and open the body before playing or practicing.
  • All clients can expect to leave with a 5-15 minute exercise plan that they can start doing on their own, designed to lengthen and strengthen golf muscles.

Current Class Schedule:

In addition to private lessons, Mark also teaches at the following locations:
  • Monday 5:30am at Sole Swim Solutions - Recovery Yoga for Triathlete’s Class
  • Friday 10:00am at Tour Striker Golf Academy (you must be registered for the academy to attend this class)

What to Take Away from a Session with The Golf Yogi:

  • An assessment of your current flexibility
  • Customized yoga poses that increase flexibility and strength
  • Detailed description of how yoga poses directly relate to the golf swing
  • A proper warm up routine designed to loosen the muscles and prepare the body for the golf swing
  • Breathing exercises designed to calm and clear the mind both on and off the course
  • An understanding of balance and how to achieve balance in the golf swing
  • Specific practice drills designed to ingrain good swing habits with proper body movement
  • An insight into the tour player’s mentality

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